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The wire feeding of the future …

In close collaboration with leading vehicle manufacturers, the developers and product managers of ABICOR BINZEL ROBOTIC SYSTEMS have analysed the special requirements for laser soldering and welding applications in vehicle construction in order to create a wire feeder system that is coordinated optimally to the high demands of each production environment. The result is the MFS-V3 wire feeder system (third generation master feeder system) with a completely newly developed eBOX. With its modern and precisely matched components, the eBOX is exactly equipped for the constantly increasing requirements profi le for laser applications, in particular in vehicle manufacturing around the world.

For example, a wide-range input or the multivoltage connection for supply voltage (can be used worldwide) or a modular mainboard, which allows to operate different types of motor, e.g. different sizes and outputs, or even servomotors.

In addition, the AIDA eBOXes (AutomatisierungsInitiative Deutscher Automobilhersteller – Automation initiative of German car manufacturers / ) have safety relays to make it possible to feed wire in for service work after a drop in voltage
by actuating the central key switch.

Another advantage of the new development is an even more exact and precise digital wire feeding through a fast 32-bit controller, which minimises inprocess response times. Optimised maintenance and service interfaces (SD card) for user-friendly operations characterise the new overall system MFS-V3.

Adaptable and user-friendly operating / service software

Appropriately for the new eBOX, the operating/service software was radically redeveloped and now comprises very extensive process monitoring and many parameters that can be varied in dependence on the application, including simplified visualisation, documentation of the processes and a fault memory with a plain text display.

Two operation modes can now be differentiated for monitoring with control or observation, for example of the actual wire speed and of the motor current: direct operation mode and job operation mode. In the direct operation mode, all parameters are set by the higherlevel controller, and in job operation mode the parameters can simply be set in the operating /service software and stored in the eBOX. In this case, the individual jobs are only selected by the higher-level controller. This saves valuable bus transmission time and increases the cycle frequency of the overall system. In addition, there are numerous additional setting possibilities and options that can be adjusted individually to the application, such as, for example, hot wire function, wire end sensor or wire retraction.

The operator-friendly user interface of the service software can be operated not only through the system PC but also by means of a control panel (MF Control) from ABICOR BINZEL ROBOTIC SYSTEMS. The relevant settings are easy to access and can be controlled intuitively.

After presetting, maintenance intervals are outputted either directly in the operating / service software or per bus message, so that downtimes are avoided and reliable production is guaranteed. A wire buffer function was integrated to make the process even more secure with wire feeding, increase the quality of the laser seams, reduce the acceleration time and prepare the system optimally for the next application. Here, the wire is fed through the rear drive into the MasterLiner after each feed cycle. This can be set to a limited extent and, again, application-specific, in the operating / service software via the intake current of the rear drive. The wire buffer function guarantees that there is always sufficient wire in the MasterLiner and that friction during wire feeding is reduced to a minimum. The system profits here from the independent activation (separate control loops) of the two drives. With medium and short feed distances, the process can be operated with just one drive (front drive). Operators then profit from the cost reductions that result from saving the second drive.

Overview of the advantages of the MFS-V3:

Performance and functionality:

  • Digital wire feeding system with fast and precise control for high-precision laser applications
  • Two controlled drives for high-dynamic operations
  • Wire buffer function for virtually frictionless wire feeding and low maintenance
  • Adjustable tolerance range for the wire speed
  • Usable with an in-process drive as a master pull system for short to medium distances
  • Wide-range input for different supply voltages globally
  • Analogue, digital or field bus activation possible
  • Direct operation and job operation mode possible
  • Safety circuit in the AIDA version
  • Future-oriented, upgradeable structure (modular principle)
  • Compatible with MFS-V2 – simple exchange and system upgrade possible
  • Option: hot wire available from ABICOR BINZEL

Easy Servicing:

  • Extensive service software with visualisation and documentation
  • Simple update via SD card slot
  • User level release possible using key stick (USB)
  • Freely configurable maintenance intervals
  • Operating/service software via system PC and/or control panel (MF control)
  • Fault memory with a plain text display
  • Control panel (MF control) can be used for several systems

Drive optimisation

Optimisations to the proven MF-1 drive were carried out in cooperation with leading vehicle manufacturers and with the aim of guaranteeing even better wire feeding performance:

  • Complete reworking of the pressure rocker for adjustment to increasing service requirements
  • Optimisation of the load transmission to the wire by adjusting the spring tension for different wire thicknesses
  • Considerable simplification of the installation resp. dismantling of the wire feed rollers
  • A new pressure system at the wire sensor prevents incorrect settings and ensures that the correct wire speed is shown
  • Various ceramic wearing parts are available for high requirements to extend the service life and reduce maintenance work

With the MFS-V3, ABICOR BINZEL ROBOTIC SYSTEMS has developed a future-oriented wire feeding system for laser applications that can be integrated optimally into the respective application-specific production environment.